Who We Are

We are a multi-stakeholder group of patient advocates, community-based organizations, health care leaders, health plans and others committed to building a better Medicaid system that improves access, quality, outcomes and affordability through Managed Care in North Carolina.

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What We Believe


Improving Access

Medicaid Managed Care is a key solution that can help our state improve access to care by addressing important beneficiary health and wellness needs, including mental health, substance use disorders and developmental disability issues.


Improving the Health Care Experience

Medicaid Managed Care provides a better experience by putting people at the center of care and giving providers tools to better coordinate care.


Lowering Health Costs

Medicaid Managed Care provides a more sustainable Medicaid system for beneficiaries, the government and taxpayers.

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Contact us here with questions or to join our efforts to enhance access, provide a better experience and improve outcomes at a lower cost.

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