Survey: Medicaid Managed Care Transition

Survey: Assessing Awareness and Opinions of North Carolina’s Transition to Medicaid Managed Care

In May 2021, North Carolina for Better Medicaid (NCBM) partnered with APCO Insights to conduct a statewide survey on North Carolina’s upcoming transition to Medicaid Managed Care. The aim of the survey was to assess awareness of the transformation and find out which aspects mattered most to North Carolinians.

Findings from this public survey show low awareness from North Carolinians on how the upcoming move to a Managed Care model will impact their lives, including increasing access to whole-person, high-quality health care and bringing savings to the state budget. NCBM found that prior to participating in the survey, 62% of respondents knew very little or nothing at all about the Medicaid transformation taking place July 1st. However, once provided with baseline information and education on Managed Care, residents across the state strongly supported the transition and overwhelmingly approved of its focus on improving patient access and care.

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