North Carolina for Better Medicaid Forms to Strengthen Medicaid Managed Care

(Raleigh, N.C., Jan. 27, 2021) Today, dedicated health care advocates from across North Carolina announced they have joined forces to create North Carolina for Better Medicaid (NCBM), a coalition of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care champions. Current members, which include Mount Zion Baptist Church, Mountain Projects, Community Action Agency, I-CARE, the Economic Improvement Council, North Carolina Black Alliance, North Carolina Community Action Association and UnitedHealth Group, are working to ensure a successful transition to Managed Care and improve health care in the state.

"Mount Zion Baptist Church of Greensboro is proud to join North Carolina for Better Medicaid and partner to ensure a successful transition to Managed Care for the benefit of improving social determinants of health in our local communities. With our state recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicaid Managed Care is more important than ever, given its focus on delivering high-quality health care that focuses on the whole person, improving their health and well-being long term," said Pastor Odell Cleveland, Chief Administrative Officer, Mount Zion Baptist Church.

"We passed Medicaid Managed Care in 2015 to improve the health outcomes and well-being of our most vulnerable population in North Carolina. As we move forward on that promise this year, Medicaid transformation remains a top priority of mine, and I commend North Carolina for Better Medicaid’s commitment to ensuring that our health care system provides improved health care delivery and improved accountability to the citizens of our state,” said North Carolina Senator Joyce Krawiec (R).

NCBM will use its collective voice to advocate for Managed Care as the best way to enhance access to health care, improve the health and quality of life of Medicaid beneficiaries, give the state a sustainable way to provide health care, and bring savings to the state budget.

The coalition's efforts will demonstrate the benefits of transitioning from fee-for-service to Managed Care in North Carolina. As part of the coalition's advocacy efforts, NCBM will produce evidence-based research, serve as a trusted resource and work with key stakeholders and decision-makers to demonstrate the value of Managed Care.

"We started this transformation to Managed Care to ensure North Carolinians get the quality, affordable health care they deserve. With the efforts of this coalition, diverse community partners will be able to highlight the value of Medicaid Managed Care to their respective missions,” said North Carolina Senator Dan Blue (D). “The transition to Medicaid Managed Care is far too important, and we intend to take all necessary actions to secure North Carolina's health care future."

NCBM understands that the well-being of the state's most vulnerable populations is at stake, thus membership is comprised of not only credible voices in health care but also underrepresented voices. North Carolina for Better Medicaid's growing membership encourages dedicated health care stakeholders to join in supporting this critical transformation impacting millions of North Carolinians.

You can find North Carolina for Better Medicaid on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

About North Carolina for Better Medicaid

North Carolina for Better Medicaid is a multi-stakeholder, consensus-based group of organizations committed to building a better Medicaid system that improves access, quality, outcomes and affordability in North Carolina. Our members include patient advocates, community-based organizations, health care leaders, health plans and others who are champions of Medicaid and Medicaid Managed Care. Learn more at

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